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DIY: What do you enjoy doing?



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A lot of factors go into deciding if you want to DIY or bring in an expert but one main question I learned to ask myself is – what do I enjoy doing?

As part of the makeover of our primary bathroom for the One Room Challenge, one thing that needed to be addressed was the “boob light” ceiling fan which you can see in the upper corner below.

Wall Sconces | Light Switch Cover

This fan has been in our house for 7 YEARS and I have not “been a fan” (pun intended) literally every day. I knew it would be an undertaking to replace it and I never took the time to address it. But the time has come to finally say a final farewell to the “boob light” fan.

Now, I know how to change light fixtures and watched a few videos on replacing a ceiling fan so I thought, why not? The process seemed straightforward. I’m pretty sure I can do this myself and take the money I would have spent on an electrician and put it elsewhere in the bathroom. Big Mistake.

The instructional videos have it laid out nice and easy that you can access the fan from the bathroom. After an hour of wrestling with the thing it became clear it was screwed into a joist that I could only access from the attic.

Now, I know this might sound strange but I have never been in our attic. It is not one of those pretty ones that has stair access or a ladder and where you store your Christmas decorations. The access is through the ceiling in our primary closet. Here’s a beautiful visual for you:

Now this is where I should have taken a pause and asked myself, is this something that I want to do? Is this something that will bring me joy? What is the cost benefit of doing this myself vs. calling an electrician?

Long story short, I spent the next few hours up and down the ladder into the attic wrestling with this thing. I left the experience feeling angry, overwhelmed, frustrated. This was clearly NOT something I enjoyed doing and the cost of bringing someone in would have been well worth it. Yes, there is something to be said about trying new things and having the courage to overcome your fears. But tackling a DIY is time consuming and I also think there is a place for doing the work you enjoy and are good at versus spending time on a skilled trade that someone else can help you with.

In our laundry room I painted the cabinets, ceiling, and door myself, changed out the lighting, and then brought in an expert to do the tile. Even though the room was small I knew the tile would be a challenge that I just wasn’t ready to take on at that point. And I left that makeover experience feeling happy and proud with absolutely no regrets that I didn’t DIY it 100%.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think you should push yourself to tackle new and challenging projects or is there a place for doing what you enjoy in a DIY? Comment below!

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