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Wallpaper is up! One Room Challenge Week 7



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Wait, what???? Only ONE MORE WEEK until the One Room Challenge Reveal? Please excuse me while I take a few calming deep breaths……Okay. Go time! Let’s get to work and wrap this one up

The big lift for this past week was Wallpaper in the main area of the bathroom. Here is where I started the week:

Wallpaper | Wood Hook | Brass Hook | Drawer Pulls | Sconce Light | Rope Molding | Stripe Fluted Molding


And how I finished the week:

Wall Plates | Mirror | Drapes | Chair Fabric | Curtain Rod

This was only my second time hanging traditional wallpaper and it’s getting a lot easier! The first was a few weeks back in our toilet area:


I wrote a post on how to prepare walls for wallpaper and I’ll have one coming up on tips and tutorials I used to apply it, especially inside the outside corners.

So we’re getting there! Here’s what’s left on the to do list:

  • Install Roman Blinds
  • Install Brass Faucets
  • Paint Check Detail between Main area and Toilet Area
  • Wallpaper Remaining Outlet Cover
  • Reupholster Chair
  • Hem Drapes
  • Clean Tile Floors
  • Install Ceiling Medallion in Toilet Area
  • Paint / Trim Console Table in Toilet Area
  • Install Wood Toilet Seat
  • Install all Towel Hooks
  • Install Open Shelves
  • Decorate and Style

Is that it??? 🙂

Follow along in Instagram Stories as I work through the list and wrap this up.

All bathroom sources can be found here.

Catch up on all my Spring 2022 One Room Challenge Updates:

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