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Updating our primary bathroom for the One Room Challenge was my first DIY room makeover project. I mean yes, I have painted rooms before and changed a light fixture but I am a true beginner when it comes to power tools. I took it a step at a time and by the end of the 8 week challenge, I had started to build my collection of DIY essential tools.

Now, I am all about small, approachable DIY’s. I have absolutely no desire to take down a wall (or put one up!) and if the project called for that, I would find a wonderful contractor to help. These are tools for the homeowner who wants to take action to create a home that inspires you, that is a reflection of you and your style, but knows the limitations on your time.

Beginner DIY Essentials

1: Impact Driver – When my cheap old drill couldn’t get the TV Mount nails out of the drywall I knew it was time to upgrade to a driver. And it is life changing! I used it on the slowest setting which I found was still powerful but easy for me to handle.

2: Driver Set – This smaller kit had everything I needed to go along with my Impact Driver.

3: Cordless Paint Sprayer – This one is cordless and is wonderful for small projects. I did forget to strain the primer once and it jammed so be sure to take that extra step to save yourself a headache.

4: Cordless Brad Nailer – I learned that typically you want to keep your power tools within the same brand so you don’t have to buy multiple batteries. But this is the one I bought and while it’s a big on the heavier side, the battery operated cordless option for me was super easy to learn and use.

5: Protective Glasses – These stayed on very well and are comfortable. And cute. And safe.

6: Miter Box – This requires a bit of arm muscle but it is pretty inexpensive and wonderful for beginners who may not have a full blown Miter Saw. I also got these Miter Shears after reading all the amazing reviews but haven’t personally tried them yet.

7: Caulking gun – This was very easy to use and comfortable. And with 12K positive reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

8: Caulk Tool – I only used this to remove caulk which it worked great for. When applying the caulk, I found that taping off the area and using a wet finger to swipe away excess was best.

9: Voltage Tester – a must have for even the simple electrical DIY’s of installing a dimmer switch or changing out a light fixture.

10. Apron – This made me happy to wear something cute but it also protected my clothing and has pockets to hold a few items as I was working.

11. Household Toolkit – I like how this one includes a wide variety of items and ya know, it’s pink.

12: Level – I did get this laser level but didn’t get the chance to fully learn how to use it. I have a 2ft size and the smaller torpedo level and both sizes are ideal to start out with.

13: Stud Finder – This was super helpful so I knew where to put the brad nails when adding the chair rail.

14: Measuring Tape – I mainly used this one but there is also a smaller one that comes in the Household toolkit (see No. 11) that I use as a backup.

15: Pry Bar – This helps when removing any sort of trim.

16: Xacto knife and refills – I used this the most for hanging the Wallpaper but this is such a versatile DIY craft tool to have on hand. Remember to change the blades often! They get dull very quickly.

What home project are you going to tackle next with your new tools? I would love to hear! Comment below.

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